Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA Kurikulum 2013 Revisi Terbaru. PDF

Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12/XII SMA Kurikulum 2013 Revisi Terbaru. PDF digunakan sebagai bahan pembelajaran pada Pendidikan Menengah Kelas XII yang dikemas dalam sebuah literatur terpercaya disusun untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada peserta didik mengembangkan kemampuan berbahasa.

Buku Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA Kurikulum 2013 Revisi Terbaru. PDF

Berikut ini TABLE OF CONTENTS yang ada di buku bahasa inggris kelas XII SMA sebagai daftar materi di semester 1 dan 2.

Table of Content
Chapter Map
1 May I Help You?
2 Why Don't You Visit Seattle?
3 Creating Captions
4 Do You Know How to Apply for a Job?
5 Who was Involved?
6 Online School Registration
7 It's Garbage In, Art Works Out
8 How to Make
9 Do it Carefully!
10 How to Use Photoshop?
11 et's Make a Better World for All


The following is a list of top 10 qualities of a good friend. However, the words are written connectedly with one another. The capitalization is not correct, either. Find the ten words by reading carefully these two groups of seemingly-nonsense words from the left top down and then up to the right and down again. As an example, the first quality is trustworthy. What are the other nine qualities? Work in pairs and compete to be the quickest in finding them.


Task 1: Group work.
Work in groups of 4. Write a dialog for each of the following situations.

1. You are doing the History Project with your group at the library after school. Your best friend cannot finish his/her part. Offer a help to do it together.

2. School holiday is coming soon. You and your family have a plan to go abroad, but do not have time to surf the internet to find the best place and best deal. Offer your parents to find the needed information and to arrange the vacation with the tour agent.

3. You work in a tour agency. You see a young gentleman enter your office awkwardly. Offer your service and try to convince him to take one of your holiday packages.

4. A friend is absent because she is sick. You visit her this afternoon. Your friend needs your help to communicate with the teacher about an assignment that she hasn’t finished yet. Offer her a help.

5. You want to go to the movie this weekend. You ask several friends to go with you. Two of your friends cannot make up their minds. Offer to treat them so that they can go with you.

Chapter 5


Share with your chair-mate an interesting, important, or surprising piece of news that you have heard from TV, radio, newspaper, or people around you. Take turns doing that.

Consider the following questions when sharing:
1. Where did you get the news item from? Did you get it from TV, radio, newspaper, or people around you?
2. What is the news about?
3. Where did it happen?
4. When did it happen?
5. Do you consider the news item interesting, important, or surprising? Why do you think so?


Task 1: Listen to the news item. Your teacher will read this piece of news aloud. Check whether you can answer the questions following that.

Task 2: Do the comprehension questions. Answer the following questions correctly based on the news you have just heard.

1. What is the news about?
2. Where did it happen?
3. When did it happen?
4. Why did that happen?
5. Who were involved in the event?
6. How serious was the violation? Why do you think so?
7. Are you in favor of Mr. Subagio’s decision or against it? Why?
8. In your opinion, what can prevent us from committing such a crime?

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